MEGADRIVE® cartridged emulsion explosives are a detonator sensitive, emulsified AN-based explosive specifically formulated for use in surface or underground rock blasting operations.


MEGADRIVE® is ideal for blasting rock and initiating bulk ANFO in small diameter blast holes (i.e. up to 102mm diameter holes). MEGADRIVE® are compatible with detonating cords containing at least 10g/m PETN and all commercially manufactured detonators of strength No. 8 or greater. MEGADRIVE® is specifically designed for high gas energy output required in underground blasting.


  • Post-blast fumes are reduced when using MEGADRIVE® and the potential for sulfide dust explosions is minimised.
  • Greater rigidity of cartridge increases speed of charging for quicker turnaround times.
  • MEGADRIVE® has exceptional water resistance, diminishing nitrate leaching into the ground and the subsequent environmental impact.
  • MEGADRIVE® is reliably initiated by No. 8 strength detonators