JOHNEX INSTANTANEOUS ELECTRIC DETONATORS contain a priming composition of RDX base charge inside a cylindrical aluminium alloy shell, with red and grey lead wires and have been designed for use in the mining industry.


JOHNEX INSTANTANEOUS ELECTRIC DETONATORS are ideal for in-hole initiating systems appropriate for mining and commercial applications. JOHNEX INSTANTANEOUS ELECTRIC DETONATORS are commonly used to initiate cast primers and cap sensitive cartridge explosives. JOHNEX INSTANTANEOUS ELECTRIC DETONATORS can be used in wet conditions if adequate precautions are taken to protect the lead-wire connections.


  • Base charge of RDX provides a high level of safety against accidental initiation by impact, static, heat, stray electrical currents and radio frequency transmissions.
  • Sensitive components housed inside the detonators.
  • Can be used at elevated temperatures up to 70˚C.
  • Packaged as Class 1.1B with 800 detonators per box.
  • Water resistant up to a depth of 20m, immersing time of 8 hours.
  • Shelf life of 4 years under ideal conditions.