SC (inter-hole/inter-row) detonators consist of a single low strength, aluminium delay detonator, attached to a length of plastic shock tube. The detonator is housed within a colour coded plastic connector block.

Each connector block allows up to eight outgoing shock tubes to be initiated. The free end of the shock tube is closed with a waterproof seal and fitted with a plastic J clip for use with detonating cord.

SC detonators are designed to be used in conjunction with millisecond in-hole detonators


SC detonators are designed as a surface (inter-hole/inter-row) relay system, which enables an unlimited number of blastholes to be fired in sequence.

SC detonators are commonly used in conjunction with a delay detonator in every blasthole. The normal practice is for all the inhole detonators to have the same delay period and, as a result, the SC surface detonators control the firing sequence.


  • Space for 8 shock tubes (4 x 2) within the connector block
  • Easy clipping connector block for good shock tube retention
  • Relaxed (non rigid) shock tube
  • Convenient packaging - coiled, not figure eight
  • Range of conventional delay periods and non common delay periods available on request