JOHNEX MEGAPRIME BLADE® is a high performance, easy to use alternative to traditional primers such as small diameter cartridge explosives. JOHNEX MEGAPRIME BLADE® consists of a section of 80g/m detonating cord contained within a moulded plastic housing. A detonator capwell is also incorporated into the moulded plastic housing.


Commonly used in underground development headings to initiate ANFO. JOHNEX MEGAPRIME BLADE® is compatible with No.8 strength detonators.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique lock in capwell provides a totally safe protected environment for the detonator which can be reverse or forward primed in the borehole.
  • The hypersonic VOD increases performance of ANFO at the butt where the energy is required.
  • Unique explosives formulation provides almost four times the detonating pressure than cartridge emulsion.
  • Directional firing allows focusing of the shockwave towards the butt of the borehole.
  • The specialised custom shape saves time when charging.
  • The compact diameter allows for loading of constricted boreholes.
  • Unlike emulsion cartridges, deadpress is totally eliminated.
  • The fully sealed plastic shell enables the primer to be 100% water resistant