At JOHNEX, we believe that the customer should have full control over his own blasting schedule; this is why we want the customer to own and operate their own fleet of trucks. The fleet of vehicles capable of pumping this special brand of emulsion are being manufactured according to JOHNEX'S specifications and are available in various customer particular configurations.

Blasting results in both Queensland and NSW have shown that the product is robust and can stand up to the rigors of field use. The operation of the control cabinet, on the truck, is simplified with built in redundant systems to ensure that the blast will always go ahead as planned.

JOHNEX'S EZIPUMP DV is now available. The product has been thoroughly tested and has cleared all certification to be shipped and pumped throughout Australia as a class 5.1 ANE product.


"On 28th February 2014, Tomingley Gold Operations used JOHNEX’s EZIPUMP DV emulsion and initiating products to perform a successful first blast in the Wyoming Three pit. Our thanks go to the team at JOHNEX for their professionalism and can do attitude as we approached this important milestone. JOHNEX has delivered impeccable supply of product and service to-date – including much appreciated support with licencing, training, HAZOP and general commissioning of the MPU. The first blast at Wyoming Three went as planned, and the results continue to live up to expectations."

Kym Mosey
Mining Superintendent
Tomingley Gold Operations Pty Ltd