The Johnson family has been continuously involved in the Australian explosives industry for over 60 years.

Commencing as distributors of dynamite and blasting accessories products before expanding into production of ANFO and watergel slurries, JOHNEX then developed a unique range of coiled patented explosives which revolutionized underground production blasting. JOHNEX are now expanding into state of the art emulsion technologies.

JOHNEX is a 100% Australian owned explosives manufacturer and distributor backed by staff who collectively offer more than 150 years of experience in product development, mining and blasting. JOHNEX offers a full range of commercial explosives and accessories to suit all types of underground blasting, quarry, open pit and civil works.

JOHNEX has become recognized as Australia’s leading innovator in high-tech explosives technology with improved safety and user friendly cost effective products.

No matter how large the challenges may be, success has been achieved by JOHNEX’s “hands-on” policy of working alongside end users and listening to all levels of operations and industry management.

Research and development is regularly updated by continuously monitoring global advancements in new explosive technologies by accessing world data banks and retaining the services of leading explosive scientists.

Manufacturing facilities are located in WA, QLD and NSW with distribution depots in New South Wales and Tasmania which are all serviced by our own fleet of licensed explosive delivery vehicles ranging from 1 to 25 tons capacity. JOHNEX provides a nationwide service that guarantees prompt delivery and meets all types of blasting requirements.

JOHNEX prides itself as a reliable explosives industry supplier and problem solver.

We welcome your enquiry. No challenge is too big or too small.