JOHNEX EZIPRIME is a high velocity primer consisting of PETN and ammonium nitrate fuel oil powder. JOHNEX EZIPRIME provides directional firing with twice the detonating pressure of cartridge emulsion.


Commonly used in underground development headings and in small diameter boreholes in open pit blasting to initiate emulsion or ANFO. JOHNEX EZIPRIME is compatible with No.8 strength detonators.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique lock in capwell provides a totally safe protected environment for the detonator which can be reverse or forward primed in the borehole.
  • The hypersonic VOD increases performance of ANFO and emulsions at the butt where the energy is required.
  • Unique explosives formulation provides twice the detonating pressure than cartridge emulsion.
  • Directional firing allows focusing of the shockwave towards the butt of the borehole.
  • The specialised custom shape saves time when charging.
  • The compact diameter allows for loading of constricted boreholes.
  • Unlike emulsion cartridges, deadpress is totally eliminated.The fully sealed plastic shell enables the primer to be 100% water resistant