Occupational Health & Safety Commitment Statement

JOHNEX explosives is a company with a proven track record in providing innovative explosives products to the commercial blasting industry. An essential element of our vibrant organisation is the provision of a safe and supportive working environment for our workers, contractors and visitors.

To this end, JOHNEX explosives is fully committed to the principles of Occupational Health and Safety and to providing healthy and safe working environments for all persons involved in our activities.

JOHNEX explosives is committed to:

  • Observing, implementing and fulfilling the requirements under relevant legislation and other Occupational Health and Safety requirements to which the company subscribes.
  • The ongoing development and improvement of our Occupational Health & Safety system with a focus on the reduction of risk of injury and illness. Furthermore, fostering an environment that promotes the health, wellness, and wellbeing for all JOHNEX workers, contractors, and visitors.
  • Providing good communication and consultation mechanisms that will provide an opportunity whereby all workers can participate and add to the Occupational Health and Safety of the work environment. Additionally, are not prejudiced or be afraid of reprisals for identifying risk and reporting incidents within the workplace.
  • Ensuring our management, workers, visitors and contractors receive the appropriate Occupational Health and Safety training to enable them to conduct their work safely.
  • Having JOHNEX‚Äôs Senior Management lead by example; demonstrating a commitment to Occupational Health and Safety by motivating, educating, and supporting all employees.
  • The regular monitoring and review of our Occupational Health and Safety performance in-line with our Occupational Health and Safety objectives and targets.
  • Ensuring all levels of management, workers, visitors and contractors carry out their Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities.