JOHNEX STOPE CHARGE is a free flowing silver/grey mixture of porous prilled Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil, formulated to be oxygen balanced for use in moderately wet blastholes.


JOHNEX STOPE CHARGE is suitable for moderately wet stope blasting in development headings and some open pit operations.


  • STOPE CHARGE can be augured, poured, or loaded with a standard ANFO pressure loader and is ideal for wet stopes, drives and some open pit operations.
  • STOPE CHARGE is state of the art technology specially formulated for blasting extremely hard rock.
  • STOPE CHARGE can replace costly cartridge products or bulk emulsions in wet hole applications including development faces.
  • Cost reductions of 20-30% are achievable when compared to the normal drilling and charging costs that are incurred when obtaining higher explosive energy per m3.
  • Loading time halved when compared with time consuming cartridge loading.
  • Fragmentation increased due to higher weight strength and higher gas volume.