MS detonators are a series of high strength nonelectric detonators with millisecond delay intervals ranging from 25 ms to 1000 ms.

MS detonators consist of a non-electric detonator, a length of shock tube, and a plastic J clip connector. The detonator incorporates delay elements, primary explosive, and a high strength PETN base charge inside an aluminium shell.

The shock tube is high strength, high abrasion resistant tubing which transmits the initiation signal to the detonator. One end of the shock tube is crimped and sealed into the detonator shell and the other end is closed off by a waterproof seal and fitted with a plastic J clip. The plastic J clip provides a rapid and secure means of attaching the shock tube to the detonating cord.


MS detonators are designed for use as an in-hole initiating system for all blasting applications. MS detonators are commonly used for initiation of cast boosters and cap sensitive cartridged explosives products.


  • Neatly compatible with the Surface Connector (SC) detonators and Interdet
  • Robust, triple layered surlyn shock tube provides superior abrasion and diesel resistance
  • Can be used at elevated temperatures up to 70˚C
  • Convenient packaging • High degree of accuracy