JOHNEX OZIPRIME® Booster is a high velocity primer consisting of PETN and high density nitrate gel. JOHNEX OZIPRIME® Booster provides a reliable option to Cast Pentolite boosters for initiating bulk explosives.


OZIPRIME® Booster is used in surface and underground mining operations to initiate bulk explosives. OZIPRIME® Booster is compatible with no.8 strength detonators.


  • Unique lock in capwell provides totally safe protected environment for the detonator.
  • Hypersonic VOD increases performance of the bulk explosives at the toe of the borehole.
  • Specialised custom shape allows for easy loading and less booster surfing.
  • Fully sealed plastic shell enables the primer to be 100% water resistant.
  • Higher density nitrate helps sink in wet boreholes.
  • Directional firing allows focusing of the shockwave towards the butt of the borehole.