JOHNEX MEGASPLIT® is a Pre-split watergel explosive presented in a continuous cartridge internally traced with detonating cord. Specifically designed for perimeter blasting in open pit applications.


MEGASPLIT® is specifically designed for use in Pre-Split blasting and delivering smooth walls and a safer controlled blast. It is most suited to hard rock operations where smaller diameter holes are drilled. This product is not suitable for use in reactive ground. A formulation to suit this application can be made on request.


  • The continuous cartridge allows for decoupling of the explosives from the rockface by suspension in the hole and is quicker to load.
  • The internally traced Detonating cord provides a high VOD with low volumes of gas being generated making it perfectly suited to the design requirements of a pre-split shot.
  • Precision blasting provides improved safety in ground control and reduces potential rockfall.
  • Oxygen balanced explosive (no nitroglycerine)
  • High weight strength allows increased borehole spacing and reduces drilling costs.
  • Internal detonating cord ensures continuity of detonation
  • MEGASPLIT® has exceptional water resistance, diminishing nitrate leeching into the ground and the subsequent environmental impact.
  • MEGASPLIT® is reliably initiated by No. 8 strength detonator or its own detonating cord.
  • Excellent water resistance