JOHNEX NON ELECTRIC DETONATORS are a series of non-electric, long period and short period delay detonators featuring:

  • 15 delays for use primarily in the underground development headings. (200 to 9000 milliseconds)
  • 30 delays for use in both underground and surface conditions (0 to 1000 milliseconds).

The tough, non-memory triple layered shock tube is standard across the whole range, giving excellent abrasion and diesel ingress resistance. This shock tube is also highly recommended for use in hot conditions due to its highly specified construction but is standard across the entire range.


JOHNEX DETONATORS are ideal for in-hole initiating systems appropriate for underground mining and commercial applications where effective and accurate delay periods are required. Each detonator assembly is colour-coded for easy identification.

JOHNEX DETONATORS are commonly used to initiate cast primers and cap sensitive cartridge explosives.


  • Base charge of RDX provides an increased level of safety against accidental initiation by impact, static, heat, stray electrical currents and radio frequency transmissions
  • Sensitive components are housed inside the detonators
  • Can be used at elevated temperatures up to 70˚c
  • Packaged as Class 1.1B with 120, 100, 80 or 40 detonators per case
  • Water resistent up to a depth of 25m, immersing time of 8 hours
  • Shelf life of 2 years under ideal conditions
  • Contents are vacuum sealed into bundles of 10 units to improve shelf life and stock counts