Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Do JOHNEX supply underground bulk emulsion?”

A: Yes, not only do we supply the EZIPUMP Bulk emulsion range for underground development and up-hole production blasting. You are also able to vary the product density and kilograms per change by simply pushing a button! It is the lowest water content bulk emulsion currently available on the market in Australia.

Q: “Can JOHNEX help with getting our explosives and dangerous goods site licences in place?”

A: Yes, we have an in-house Compliance Team who do exactly that. This is a service we provide free of charge to customers.

Q: “Can JOHNEX provide MPU training?”

A: Yes, we offer this initial training free of charge when you use our Bulk Emulsion products and accessories.

Q: “Do JOHNEX offer the full range of mining explosive products and accessories?”

A: Yes, from pyrotechnic detonators to bulk emulsion, from 400gram boosters to tailor made pre-split explosives. We make and supply them all.

Q: “Can I, as a customer, own and operate my own MPU’s?”

A: Yes, JOHNEX will help you to customise the MPU (surface or underground) to your specific requirements. While JOHNEX do not build MPU’s, we will get completely involved in the Hazardous Operability Study, Complete the on-site training, Help with authorisation and licencing. There are also option for JOHNEX to finance your MPU.”

Q: “ What costs are involved for JOHNEX’s product and technical training?”

A: Nil, zero, nothing. We offer product support and initial training free of charge to all our customers. The more effectively you use our products, the better your results and the more satisfied you are as a customer.