ISO 45001 Accreditation


JOHNEX are committed to the highest professional standards and maintain international accreditation across the organisation including our Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems which is certified to ISO 45001.

We are committed to upholding the professional standards within our organisation and are certified in the following:

  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System – ISO 14001
  • Safety Management Systems – ISO 45001

This certification covers all three manufacturing sites and our Head Office.

This recognition is part of JOHNEX’s journey towards being a corporately responsible company.

We are externally audited against our own standards which are supported by our Core Values of Professionalism, Innovation, Can Do & Trust (P.I.C.T.).

ISO 9001: An ISO 9001 quality management system will help us to continually monitor and manage quality across all operations. As the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard, it outlines ways to achieve, as well as benchmark, consistent performance and service.

ISO 14001: ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that assists in building an effective environmental management system. It is designed to help JOHNEX remain commercially successful without overlooking environmental responsibilities. The system helps guide growth while reducing the environmental impact of our growth. An ISO 14001 system provides the framework to allow us to meet increasingly high customer expectations of corporate responsibility as well as legal or regulatory requirements.

Putting environmental management at the heart of our operations to achieve sustainable success.

ISO 45001: The ISO 45001 standard is internationally accepted as a method of assessing and auditing occupational health and safety management systems.

In a competitive marketplace, our customers are looking for more than just keen pricing from JOHNEX. We need to demonstrate that our business is managed efficiently and responsibly and that we can provide a reliable service without work-related accidents and incidents.

Certifying our ISO 45001 management system enables us to prove that we conform to the specification and provides us with the following benefits:

  • Potential reduction in the number of accidents
  • Potential reduction in downtime and associated costs
  • Demonstration of legal and regulatory compliance
  • Demonstration to stakeholders of our commitment to health and safety
  • Demonstration of an innovative and forward thinking approach
  • Increased access to new customers and business partners
  • Better management of health and safety risks, now and in the future
  • Potential reduced public liability insurance costs.