The MIGHTY PUMP system is a compact, air driven Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) designed to manufacture EZIPUMP DV® (a booster sensitive bulk emulsion) from Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion (Class 5.1, UN3375) with the addition of chemical gassing agents.


The MIGHTY PUMP bulk emulsion delivery system is designed for development and production charging in underground mining and quarry applications. The MIGHTY PUMP has the ability to deliver a range of densities and allows owners to take full control of their emulsion explosives charging.


  • Customer owned, easy to use bulk emulsion delivery system
  • Inherent safety pumping system with no safety interlocks required
  • Ability to load a range of bulk emulsion densities
  • Can load long up-holes from bottom up
  • Can load solid sensitised or gas sensitised emulsion
  • Emulsion tanks can we tailored to individual customers requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • Driven by compressed air
  • Manual control system to enable monitoring data logging
  • Compact design allows for rapid mobilisation
  • Can be mounted to customer’s existing mining equipment
  • Self-priming into emulsion tank
  • No water dilution as no water ring is required
  • Low capital and running costs