Environmental Sustainability Commitment Statement

JOHNEX explosives will continue to be a leader in environmental sustainability by implementing and demonstrating environmental sustainability thinking and practice in all aspects of our business.
We embrace our responsibility to the environment and recognise the unique contribution we make to a sustainable future. Our contribution and commitment is recognised through the expertise, values and commitment of our dedicated workers

JOHNEX explosives is committed to:

  • Promoting awareness and protection of the environment through an appropriate management system.
  • Conducting our business in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and expect every employee to take responsibility for meeting these standards when performing his or her duties.
  • Working and communicating with customers, governments, local communities, workers and suppliers to identify and resolve environmental issues.
  • Preventing pollution at the source by reducing waste, recycling or disposing of items.
  • Striving to develop and use technology that is environmentally sound and promoting enhanced environmental standards in our purchase of new equipment and facilities.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the carbon omissions and develop strategies seeking to reduce the company’s overall footprint.
  • Seeking new methods to balance the constant need for development with a commitment to protecting the environment through continuous improvement.