Initiating Products

JOHNEX MIGHTY ATOM is a high density 75g supersonic velocity primer consisting of pentolite which provides the ultimate in primer performance. The JOHNEX MIGHTY ATOM provides directional firing with 4 times the detonation pressure of cartridged emulsion.
JOHNEX MEGAPRIME is a Pentolite cast booster with a plastic protective outer shell.
JOHNEX LP DETONATORS are a series of non-electric, long period delay detonators featuring 16 delays for use in the mining industry. (25 to 9000 milliseconds) JOHNEX MS DETONATORS are a series of non electric, millisecond period delay detonators featuring 19 delays for use in the mining industry (0 to 2000 milliseconds).
JOHNEX EZIPRIME provides directional firing with twice the detonating pressure of cartridge emulsion.
JOHNEX INSTANTANEOUS ELECTRIC DETONATORS contain a priming composition of RDX base charge inside a cylindrical aluminium alloy shell, with red and grey lead wires and have been designed for use in the mining industry.
INTERDET® (inter-hole/inter-row) detonators consist of a single low strength, aluminium delay detonator, attached to a length of hollow plastic shock tube. The detonator is housed within a colour coded plastic connector block.
MEGADET® detonators are a series of high strength non-electric detonators with millisecond delay intervals ranging from 0 ms (instantaneous) to 1000 ms.